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President's Message: Listening To And Meeting Your Needs


Listening To And Meeting Your Needs

At Aladdin, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. That’s why I’m pleased to let you know we’ve just introduced another new product: Heat on Demand Advantage® RS. It’s a product-line extension that incorporates many of the features and benefits of our original Heat on Demand Advantage® into a new configuration to meet other needs.

Since its introduction three years ago, our Heat on Demand Advantage® system has been a very successful product. It was developed after receiving customer input that your hot meals were often being compromised by a less-than-hot plate. Once activated, Heat on Demand Advantage® bases store enough heat to overcome even a room-temperature plate to ensure that hot food can still be delivered up to an hour later.

With the introduction of Heat on Demand Advantage® the Achilles heel of hot meals was cured! Just as our original Heat on Demand® technology eliminated the need for a convection heater for bases, Heat on Demand Advantage® eliminated the need for a convection dish heater. Both inventions greatly increased the likelihood of a hot meal arriving at the patient’s bedside, while also decreasing the number of energy-guzzling, space-hogging pieces of equipment in the kitchen.

Throughout the years, the overall success of Aladdin’s Heat on Demand® technology has been unprecedented. The difficulty of use and inconsistency of the heated metal pellet that preceded it was a problem in need of a solution. Savvy foodservice operators immediately saw the benefit of the improved base associated with our new technology. Combined with a heated plate and insulated dome – Heat on Demand® delivered performance that no other meal-delivery system could. For more than 15 years, our family of Heat on Demand® systems have been the systems of choice for healthcare cook-serve operations.

The rapid acceptance of Heat on Demand Advantage® is a testimony to the trust and confidence people have in the Aladdin brand. And really, what’s not to like? Improved temperatures with less equipment, space and energy required. It’s simple, clean and reliable, too. While Heat on Demand® ensured operators of one less thing to worry about – Heat on Demand Advantage® removed all the worries – at least when it came to hot food for the patient.

But this isn’t a one-size-fits-all-world. One of the requests from customers following the introduction of Heat on Demand Advantage® was for a smaller version. Everyone understood the obvious advantage of Advantage® (I had to do that) and wanted it, but it simply didn’t physically fit into some spaces.

We put our engineers to the task, and the result is Heat on Demand Advantage® RS. Like Heat on Demand Advantage® it doesn’t need a hot plate. Its smaller, compact footprint and longer activation time (19 seconds) lends itself to the emerging pod concepts used with room-service delivery. It’s also recommended for smaller facilities where trayline speed and delivery times are not as critical – but of course, hot food is!

While Heat on Demand Advantage® will continue to be the system of choice for larger facilities, Heat on Demand Advantage® RS is another great option. Now a great Advantage® is available for everyone! Same quality, same dependability, same support.

Both systems were developed as the result of listening to, observing and anticipating customer needs, something Aladdin has done for almost 50 years now, as together we continue to get…better by degrees.


Martin A. Rothshchild, President

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