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Aladdin recognizes the importance of sustaining and improving how we work to guard our natural resources while constantly improving
productivity to ensure quality and innovative products.

Meal Delivery Service System Initiative

Aladdin is a leader in designing systems that are energy and productivity efficient.

By way of example, Aladdin Heat on Demand induction systems integrate a 90% energy efficient transfer technology along with a proven
82% energy reduction when replacing the previous meal delivery system. Unlike most other meal delivery systems, there are no pre-heating
bases in convected air heaters that take 60-90 minutes to heat. Our various induction systems, using these advanced induction technologies,
allow for the heating process to take from only 10 to 19 “seconds” depending on the model chosen.

In fact, with our new Advantage induction system there is also no pre-heating of the china entrée dish either! The simplicity and sustainability
are further enhanced with its operational and energy efficiencies.

Aladdin has cook chill systems that allow for energy efficiency by cooking and chilling a significant number of meals at the same time. With
convection, Aladdin can cook and chill 20, 24 or 30 meals at the same time. Aladdin conduction systems allow for 16, 20, or 24 meals to be
cooked and chilled at the same time. Efficiencies are further enhanced by the offering of several different types of refrigeration from air cooled
to water cooled options with the ability to also locate compressors remotely.

Obsolete/Scrap inventory/Utility Efficiencies

Aladdin disposable manufacturing operation has virtually no scrap after the manufacture of our disposable items. All the polystyrene trim
is ground and reused in our plant. 40,000 to 60,000 pounds of injection molding scrap is sold to other parties for recycling annually. In
addition, some tray models are made from polyolefins that may be reground, pelletized and recycled into a variety of post-consumer use

Aladdin sells almost all of its scrap metal, corrugated boxes, and discarded paper to local recyclers. Whenever possible, Aladdin will use
recycled corrugated boxes and paper for packaging its products.

Aladdin has been able to reduce its “waste stream” (solid waste that we cannot recycle) by 15% on the most recent year over year
comparison while growing annual volume. Our goal is to continue to make these improvements annually.

In recognition that every product has “its day to sell”, Aladdin is respectful about selling obsolete or slow moving items. Aladdin
aggressively prices and then posts these items to its Aladdin Clearance Value Center on our web-site at In the event
that the products do not sell, Aladdin will donate them to church, civic, or charity groups.

While increasing overall volume, Aladdin has been able to reduce its electrical utility usage by 4% on a year over year basis.

Clean Air Focus

All Aladdin manufacturing facilities comply with governmental standards including OSHA, EPA, as well as State and local code
requirements. CFC free blowing agents are used for all insulated products. Aladdin rethermalization and air curtains utilize R404A refrigerant
which is ozone friendly.

Clean Water/Non Hazardous Materials

Aladdin has no process waste water. Aladdin engineers are experienced in providing products that allow for ease in cleaning and handling.
By way of example, our products are designed for use with standard commercial detergents which do not contain phosphates or other chemicals
that can harm waterways, wildlife, and water systems.

Aladdin polystyrene and polypropylene products are certified to contain no hazardous materials, including Bisphenol A (BPA).

Manufacturing and sourcing in the United States

Aladdin corporate office located in Hendersonville, Tennessee is committed to source its raw materials from local suppliers first and then to
others located within the United States. Currently, we have six suppliers that we conduct businesses with that are located within Middle
Tennessee. In addition, we maintain relationships with six minority owned suppliers located in various parts of the country. Keeping our
manufacturing and suppliers close to home stimulates efficiencies and cost savings.

Aladdin Temp-Rite - 250 East Main Street - Hendersonville, TN 37075 - 615-537-3600